I received great service from Layer 3, from free technical support for my questions, to an unheard of three year warranty on the replacement of my hard drive. I really appreciate what Layer 3 has done for me.

Frank Lynch – Sidney, Ohio

I am a very satisfied customer of Layer 3 Technologies. I had Keith Brown build and set up a system to satisfy my needs and he did a great job.

Carroll Cutler – Sidney, Ohio

A couple times I got in a situation needing Keith’s advice and he took care of the situation each time.

He would tell me over the phone what to do then he’d get hooked up on my system. I would hang up the phone and he would call me a few minutes later and tell me I was good to go.

How many places can you go and find this type of support? It relieves pressure in case you do have a problem.

I know other people who have dealt with Keith and have nothing but good to say about him. He is a very personal and bright young man and he knows what he is doing.

If and when I ever buy another computer I won’t think twice before going back to Layer 3 Technologies.

Larry Curtner – Piqua, Ohio

I have been so impressed with Layer 3 services that I have made them my support IT company for all things computer related. Their service has been right on when needed. I highly recommend them for any IT needs.

Dale Brockman – Sidney, Ohio
Slagle Mechanical Contractors

I wanted to compliment Chad Compton on the service he provided me by repairing my Compaq Presario V2000.

All the places here in Sidney, which I had called had quoted $300 for the job, which was to repair the strip for the AC adapter, a power supply problem.

He was very upfront and honest from the first time we spoke.  He explained he could not guarantee what he would try would work.

On the contrary, it did work and Chad went out of his way to be sure I was satisfied.  Needless to say, I am pleased to say the laptop is functioning again and I am enjoying the mobility he offers me.

Thank-you again for a job well done.  And the follow up service is proving just as excellent.

William Stem – Sidney, Ohio

Layer 3 was our IT support at my previous employer and when I started working for my current employer, there was no doubt I was going to “bring them with me” as our IT support also.  They provide outstanding service/support and great pricing on all our needs; new server and configuration, networking, new PCs and monitors, and replacement parts.  And there’s such peace of mind knowing they offer three year warranties on all our computers, servers, parts and labor.

It’s also wonderful that they can provide remote support by logging into our system and resolve most issues saving both of us valuable time and less downtime.

I highly recommend Layer 3 for any and all IT needs.  They are not only very knowledgeable in what they do but also very  personable to work with, providing excellent customer service.

Claire Loughrige – Celina, Ohio

We could not be happier with the quick response we receive from Layer 3 Technologies. The products and services they offer have come to be a huge value to our business. When we need IT help it is comforting knowing that they are just a phone call away. Two thumbs up!

Doni Collins – Fairborn, Ohio
C & H CARSTAR Auto Body Experts

Layer 3 Technologies is a terrific company. We have been working with them for several years. The staff is extremely knowledgeable. Anytime we have a problem with the multiple programs we use or if we have issues with any of our computers they have a quick response time and take care of the issues promptly.

Within our business we use numerous software programs to operate our business and some of the required programs use older technology. They take an expert to get them to work properly with the newer systems. Layer 3 Technologies has always been able to get these programs to work together, which makes our business run smoothly.

Layer 3 Technologies continually goes above and beyond for our business. When we updated our offices last year they even came in on Sunday afternoon to get everything operational and to ensure that we did not have any glitches.

We really appreciate Layer 3 Technologies working around our schedule and for taking care of us the way they do.

Tom Martin – Sidney, Ohio
Sidney Body Carstar

My computer crashed, and you (Layer 3 Technologies) were able to restore all my files.  The computer had become increasingly slower and slower.  After you (Layer 3 Technologies) cleaned it up, it operates much faster.

Paul Baker – Sidney, Ohio