July 3, 2018

$400 Computer

How much does that $400 computer really cost?  This is the first question you should be asking yourself if you are considering a low initial investment on a computer system.  Lets look into this further.  How much is your time worth, or more aptly how much is your free time worth?

With most of us being quite busy, time is a precious commodity no one has to spare.   If your computer is having issues first thing you must do is look up the phone number.  This may seem like a trivial task and with a local company it is.  With one of the large manufacturers you would start by searching for the original manuals and materials that came with the system or search for a while on their website if you have a spare computer or your troubled PC is working well enough to look up the appropriate information.  Once you have acquired the phone number lets say 10 minutes have passed by and you aren’t happy, at least I wouldn’t be.  Next there is the beloved menu system in which you will have to identify your computer or system configuration.  Also,  from this menu system, you will have to choose what kind of issue you are having, so your call can be directed.  After, all that, you get to sit on hold for a while longer, just to talk to a real person.   Let’s figure on about 25 minutes at this point.

Now you are able to fix your own computer over the phone, sound familiar? Unfortunately this is the usual experience.  If there are any hardware issues you may have to box up your computer and send it in.  Sometimes they will send you a box and you can deliver to a drop off location.  How much time is involved in this?  I would say a safe bet would be 2 to 3 hours without taking into account the computer that you don’t have.  How long can you be without your computer before it would be better to buy a new one?  Two days?  A week?  A MONTH?

We would never be so bold as to ask what you make an hour.  However, just consider, if you will, how much money you’ve actually wasted on that 400 dollar computer trying to get it fixed.  Consider this,  a large manufacturer offers 3 tiers of support for your desktop or laptop.  If you decide against buying a service agreement, you could be looking at a 10 to 14 day repair turnaround.  This is mostly because you will have to box your equipment up and mail it to them.  If you choose their most basic tier, you can have a tech in your home in an average of 1 to 2 days.  You could step up and purchase their premium service, and that at least allows you to speak to North American based techs, and it allows you to choose your preferred techs.  How much time have you spent just waiting to talk to a tech or waiting for a tech to come to you?  Probably more than you care to think about.  Still think that 400 dollar computer is a bargain?

With Layer 3 Technologies we will always be available to answer your questions and repair your computer.  We will take the time to become familiar with you and your computer system.  We offer great computer systems with a high value.  You will have no surprises and will have no hold time.  All of our computers come standard with a 3 year parts and labor warranty so if your computer does break we will fix it and get you back to normal in a very short amount of time.  When you consider the price associated with lower end equipment it really doesn’t make sense to invest your hard earned money in a low initial investment as it may cost you dearly in the near future.